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Specialist In Wholesaling & Trading of Pulses, Edible Cheese etc.

About Us

‘Convenience of choice’ is one of the main factors that delight customers. Giving attention to this factor is Madoor Maruthi Departmental Store, which proudly serves as a one stop shop and gives convenience of choice to assist customers buy required products in required quantity. 

Our Tamil Nadu located, Proprietorship Company is inspiring many companies by serving as a progressive wholesaler and trader of Pulses, Moringa Powder, Pure Cheese, Edible Seeds and a variety of other products. Modern in all approaches, our company always satisfies customers by providing value for money items. In five years of our long-standing presence in this industry, we have not received any complaints for our delivery process, quality of products, dealing methods, etc. The reason behind the same is our attention to everything, from sourcing to delivery of quality based products. 

Maintaining Reasonably Priced Stock

In the field we are engaged in, almost all customers demand for bulk products with a facility of quick delivery. So, for such customers we are maintaining a great stock of reasonably priced items. Sourcing of Moringa Powder, Edible Seeds, Pulses is done in a large quantity. Post sourcing, our experts ensure safe warehousing of products. Upon receiving orders, our experts pack products in required quantities and further make quick delivery. The prices of our products are kept budget-friendly at all times because sourcing of products takes place in a large quantity, which helps us get products at a much lower cost.

Efficient Team of Experts 

Improving the efficiency of sourcing, maintaining, warehousing and delivery of products is our efficient team of experts. We employ highly skilled and devoted employees at our company, who actively performs assigned task and help customers get complete satisfaction. Our experts are our best support and pillars of success, who are contributing greatly in making us the No. 1 wholesaling and trading company of Pulses, Edible Seeds and related products.

Why Partnering With Madoor Maruthi Departmental Store Is Beneficial?

Partnering with our company is beneficial because of below cited reasons:
  • We accept almost all sizes of orders.
  • We serve not one but a large variety of products.
  • We delight customers with our fast delivery system.
  • We make food and herbal products available of only quality conscious brands.

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